TVAC Gem – November 2017

Moderate use of notes is OK.

Speak over the ambient noise, use your diaphragm.

Passion first.

Speak to the nature of your audience.

Prepare the stage beforehand.

Use verbs to create pictures.

Own the stage.

Ask no more than three questions of your audience at a time. – The situation was speaker asked a string of five questions such as: “Do you remember your first car? Your first paycheck? Your first job? Your first vacation? Your first movie?” The audience was overwhelmed.

TVAC Gem – October 2017

How you walk to the lectern is important

Sell the sizzle, not the steak

Speak from the heart and you will be more apt to persuade

Sell value of project, not project itself

Vocal variety – without it is similar to a salad with just the tomatoes

Written script helps clarify what works

Guidelines…not guardrails…Internalize..not memorize…Parameters..not prison (once again..thanks Marshall)

Does the project align with objectives

Make sure introduction reflects the message you are trying to send

TVAC Gems – May 2017

Words have energy.

For example, the word “Villain” has a particular meaning to you. When you say the word, give it energy and push the sound. The word “Villain” will have a different energy and sound than “Love”. Try it. Be sure to put the correct energy and emotion behind your words.

TVAC Gems – April 2017

Capture the audience before they change the channel on you. Grab the audience’s attention. Think about how you listen to the radio or music in your car. How long do you listen before changing the channel?

TVAC Gems – March 2017

Don’t throw the gestures or stories away by making them too small or too short. When you make the effort to deliver a gesture, HOLD IT and don’t throw it away.

TVAC Gems – November 2016

You know when it happens to you. You are listening to a story, enjoying and appreciating the experience when out of nowhere it hits you! A stop word pierces your experience. Your mind stops listening to the rest of the story. Argh!

During his evaluation of a prepared speech given at the Treasure Valley Advanced Club meeting Monday evening, Marshall Major called out a Stop Word that impacted him.

As a speaker, we learned, it is important to recognize the power of Stop Words and typically avoid them!

To learn more, attend an Advanced Club meeting near you. We learn “Lots of Little Lessons” on our journey together.

[Thank you to Ken Nixon for sharing this Gem]

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